Activities + Ship and boat schedules

Water games (closed on Monday’s, or Thuesday’s if Holiday)
Petanque game
Organized activities

Recreation room


Water games will open as soon as temperatures permit it and close on Labor day. Closed on Monday’s or Tuesday’s if Holiday.

Free Ping Pong and games in the recreation room.

Ships of more than 500 passagers cruise through Deschaillons-sur-St-Laurent . All times are approximate and may vary for several reasons: tides, winds, etc. Subject to change or cancellations.

Since June 2009, each Saturday, the township offers the possibility of meeting with the farmers of the region, in order to buy their fresh local produce. The Public market (Farmers Market) of Deschaillons-sur-St-Laurent offers a vast variety of products and a panoramic view of the St Lawrence river. The Market is siutated at the rest stop, 250 meters to the west of the entrance of the camping.

PUBLIC MARKET open for 2021 from June 19 to Sept 4 from 9am to 3pm

The Deschaillons  Public Farmers Market is;

  • An enchanting site with a panoramic view of the St Lawrence
  • Produce of exceptional freshness and quality
  • An attractive concept of sales of fresh produce and creations of artisans from the region
  • A site at the rest stop that is easily accessible
  • Several pic-nic tables available on site to facilitate the trying out of the products
  • And the good mood of all farmers and artisans present!